You’re never too old for diamonds

First, my apologies on leaving you, my adoring public, waiting on the edges of your proverbial seats for another blog post. I get easily distracted and the past few days have been crazy.

I had interviews for ADPi officers on Thursday night as soon as I got back from Charleston. I genuinely enjoy these interviews because I think it’s funny when people are nervous to talk to me. Maybe my laughter at their discomfort is part of why they are nervous, but I really think it’s funny when people are intimidated by me. If you need a reminder as to why I am not intimidating, please refer to the costume photos in my Halloween post.

Being downtown already anyway, I let Dave, Tom, Zach, and the rest of the gang talk me into going out on Thursday night. I pretty much never go out during the week. This is partially because I’m lame, partially because I’m trying to act like an adult and actually function at my job, and partially because I get sleepy. Don’t judge.

It’s dollar beers night at Saloon down in Five Points on Thursdays. At first, such a bargain didn’t seem possible. I thought that surely there was some kind of trick, like when we went to Cornerstone for Penny Pints back in the day and the beer was served in what were essentially glorified plastic shot glasses. Then I remembered that Cornerstone, that magical emporium of poor decisions, used to have 50 cent rail drinks on Thursdays when I was in college, so maybe Saloon is just a classed up version of that.

Because nothing says classy like country karaoke and line dancing

As it turns out, the beer really was a dollar, and they even gave it to you in a bottle. My new favorite place? Maybe. They also have country karaoke on Thursday nights. Most of the people were surprisingly not that terrible, which is one of many reasons why I did not sing. I sang karaoke at a work party once – Johnny Cash’s Folsom Prison Blues – and people are still talking about it. It’s been 3 years.

My friend Cameron came out with us. She was wearing a really cute dress that I may steal.

I hate being next to tan people in pictures

And because once you’re an ADPi, you’re always an ADPi, I insisted that the boys take a diamonds picture with me. They were visibly thrilled.

I only graduated four years ago. It's fine.

Since I had been getting ready to go out at the ADPi house earlier that night, lots of girls knew that I was going out. They also know that this is a rare occasion, and for some reason they find it really exciting to see me, their esteemed advisor and hypothetical role model, out at the bar. So I got visits from lots of them. They all took pictures but college kids are lazy and they don’t seem to understand the fact that I NEED these pictures for my soon-to-be-famous blog. Therefore, you won’t find any here.

I didn’t drink very much at all on Thursday night, but I still woke up hating my life. Four hours of sleep will do that to you. Obviously I make good choices, since I had to leave work that day at lunch time to head to Savannah for the half marathon. They say that the sleep you get two nights before the race is the most important, so the writing was already on the wall. Dun dun dunnnnnnnnn.

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  1. haha, oh man – i totally run the other way if i see my girls out because i know they freak out if they see me. luckily durham bars are pretty segregated – there are few undergrad bars and a few grad bars and people don’t tend to go to the ‘other kind’, so it only happens on rare occasions.

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